How can I change my contract information?

You can change your contract information in our Web Portal:

Log in to your customer account and go to "contract"
Once there, you can, among other things, change your contract name, your tariff, the activation date of the contract or request a new RFID card if necessary.

I want to redeem my voucher. How can I do it?

You can redeem your voucher via our Web Portal:

Log in to your customer account.
- Click on "contract"
- Click on "redeem voucher"
- Enter your code number in the voucher space-blank
- Click on "check voucher"

If you need further help please contact our customer service hotline which you can find under the support page "contact support" on the website.

Need immediate help?

+44 1633 358388
Our service team is available at the following times:
Monday to Friday 7am - 7pm

* The cost of the call depends on the country and network you're calling from.